15 easy (and delicious) picnic recipes

[RECETTES] With the heat wave expected this weekend, we have only one idea in mind: have a picnic in a shady place or by the water! With friends or family, the picnic is a convivial meeting for which one can show imagination.

We know the “traditional” picnic recipes: rice salad, hard-boiled eggs, ham-butter or tuna-mayonnaise sandwiches… To give a little “twist” to these classics (which can quickly get boring… ), you can adopt some star diet foods: quinoa, red lentils, oat bran, pasta and brown rice, not to mention hyper-trendy raw vegetables, to pair with sauces and slimming dressings !

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Tips for a (very) successful picnic

To drink and eat fresh, we take two coolers, one for drinks, the other for food. Failing this, we provide isothermal bags in which we slip 2 cold accumulator packs or 2 small bottles of frozen water. We also take:

  • A tablecloth (or one or more sarongs) to sit on
  • Paper towels
  • A garbage bag for waste
  • A knife that cuts (those who have already tried to cut a sausage with a plastic knife will understand) and possibly a small cutting board
  • A corkscrew
  • A parasol and sunscreen (this weekend the sun will hit everywhere)
  • mosquito repellent

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The other great picnic classics

We have revisited the great picnic classics for you to offer light, vegan, lactose-free or nutrient-enriched versions.

Nutrition: what are the pitfalls of the picnic?

Without necessarily pursuing a slimming objective, it is recommended to be wary of “picnic traps”: hyper-fatty, hyper-sweet or hyper-salty foods that tip the needle of the scales on the wrong side, but can also aggravate or cause health concerns – water retention, hyperglycemia, digestive disorders, hypercholesterolemia…

Among the food traps to avoid (or to consume in an exceptional way), we can mention:

  • The delicatessen. It is rich in (bad) fats and salt: thus, 6 slices of sausage provide 5 g of salt on average. Avoid when you tend to have heavy legs and/or when you suffer from high blood pressure…
  • The alcohol. Beer, cider, wine, champagne… We know that alcoholic beverages should be consumed in moderation. Indeed: in addition to their significant caloric intake, they reduce sensitivity to insulin (the substance that regulates blood sugar in the body) and promote excess cholesterol in the blood. And for pregnant women, alcohol is forbidden!
  • The chips. At the same time too greasy, too salty and too caloric, crisps considerably increase the risk of cardiovascular disease when consumed regularly. We will opt instead for homemade crisps… or for fruit crisps, which are much healthier.

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Sprouted Seed Sandwich
Cut 1 flaxseed baguette into 4. Cut 2 tomatoes into slices, crumble 200 g of cooked, cold salmon. Garnish each piece of bread with cream cheese spread, salmon and tomatoes then add 3 pinches of sprouted seeds (organic stores).

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3/15 –

vegan rolls
Using a peeler or a vegetable spiralizer, make spaghetti. Do the same with the rinsed and dried cucumber. Rinse and cut the bell pepper into very thin strips. Moisten 1 sheet of rice by soaking it for 20 seconds in lukewarm water. Spread it on a dry cloth, place all the ingredients and a few leaves of basil and coriander in the center of the sheet. Fold the bottom of the sheet over the vegetables, then both sides and roll up. Repeat the operation until all the ingredients are used up.

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4/15 –

Italian cake
Preheat the oven to 180°C (th. 6). Cut 12 cherry tomatoes in half. Leaf and chop rosemary. Crumble 150 g of feta. In a bowl, beat 3 eggs with the pesto and 10 cl of milk. Incorporate 250 g of flour and 1 packet of baking powder sifted together, a little salt and pepper. Mix until you get a smooth paste. Add the cherry tomatoes, feta and rosemary. Pour into a wooden (or silicone) mold and bake for 40 minutes.

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5/15 –

Provençal cake with soy milk
In a bowl, mix 3 eggs, 10 cl of oil and 12 cl of soy drink. Add together 180 g of flour and ½ sachet of baking powder then mix until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Incorporate 12 pitted black olives cut into rings, 8 chopped dried tomatoes, Provence herbs, and 100 g of tofu with herbs cut into small cubes. Salt, pepper, and mix again. Pour the dough into a previously oiled mold and bake for 40 min at 180°C (th. 6).

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Healthy ham club sandwich
Cut 1 slice of ham into four. Peel 1 carrot and grate it. Crack 1 walnut and shell it. Spread 50 g of fresh cheese on 2 slices of integral (or complete) bread. Sprinkle them with chopped chives. Garnish a slice with a few bouquets of lamb’s lettuce then distribute the grated carrot, the slivers of walnuts and the strips of ham. Close with a second slice of bread, press lightly to make everything adhere well.

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Tuna muffins
Mix 2 eggs, 20 cl semi-skimmed condensed milk, 40 g parmesan, 1 tbsp. at s. old-fashioned mustard, salt, pepper and 200 g of natural tuna, drained and mashed with a fork. Pour into the indentations of a muffin pan. Bake for about 30 minutes in the preheated oven. 7 (210°C). Discover other quick recipes with a can of tuna here.

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8/15 –

Croque Paris-Reykjavik
Cut 1 slice of salmon into strips, and 1 gherkin into thin rounds. Chop 1 batavia leaf. Spread 50 g of cream cheese on one side of each slice of bread, place the salad on one and the gherkins on the other. Adhere by pressing lightly. Place the salmon on the salad then close the sandwich.

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9/15 –

Savory ham and feta cake
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Mix 200 g of wholemeal flour, 1 sachet of baking powder and salt. Dig a fountain there and break 3 eggs into it. Mix and gradually incorporate 10 cl of olive oil then 10 cl of soy milk. Add 100g diced feta, 100g diced ham and 2 tbsp. at s. chopped basil. Pour the batter into an oiled cake tin and bake for 40 minutes. Leave to cool for 5 minutes, then unmold and cool on a wire rack.

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10/15 –

Trout lentil salad
Immerse 200 g of red lentils in a large volume of unsalted water with 1 bay leaf and bring to the boil. Lower the heat, cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Drain. Cut 4 slices of smoked trout into strips. In a bowl, crush 1 hard-boiled egg then add 2 tbsp. at s. rapeseed oil, lemon juice, pepper, 1 finely minced shallot, 2 tbsp. c. capers and 2 tbsp. at s. chopped flat-leaf parsley to obtain a creamy preparation. Incorporate the lentils, the trout, mix and keep cool.

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11/15 –

Chicken-tarragon terrine
CHICKEN-TARRAGON TERRINE. Ingredients for 6-8 people: 6 chicken breasts, 2 carrots, , , 1 bunch of tarragon, salt and pepper. Pour 50 cl of leek broth and 10 cl of white wine into a pot. Salt, pepper, add a sprig of tarragon and 2 sliced ​​carrots. Immerse 6 chicken breasts in it, bring to the boil then poach for 10 to 15 minutes. Drain, keeping the broth. Slice the chicken breasts into strips. Arrange them in a terrine, placing slices of carrots and chopped tarragon between each layer. In 50 cl of cold broth, dilute 4 g of agar-agar, then bring to the boil again. Cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly, then pour the mixture over the chicken. Leave to cool and chill for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

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12/15 –

Quinoa tabbouleh with prawns
Cook 200 g of quinoa for 15 minutes in boiling salted water, drain, put in a salad bowl and leave to cool. Cut 1 cucumber into cubes and 12 cherry tomatoes in half. Add to the salad bowl as well as 400 g of prawns, cooked and shelled, the juice of a lemon, 1 tbsp. at s. sesame oil and 1 tbsp. at s. sesame seeds, chopped coriander and pepper. Mix gently and keep refrigerated.

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13/15 –

Peach cake without butter
PEACH CAKE WITHOUT BUTTER. Mmix 250 g brown flour with 2 tbsp. c. of baking powder and 75 g of brown sugar. In another bowl, mix 50 g of almond puree, 1 egg, 15 cl of semi-skimmed milk, 1 tbsp. c. vanilla extract and 2 yellow peaches peeled and finely diced. Incorporate the first mixture, pour into a cake tin and cook for 30 to 35 minutes in the preheated oven. 6 (180°C).

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14/15 –

green fruit salad
Peel 2 kiwis and cut them into slices. Rinse and dry 2 Granny apples, remove the core and seeds and cut the flesh into cubes without peeling them. Peel 1 pear, remove the core and seeds and cut it into thin wedges. Cut 1 avocado in half, remove the pit, cut the flesh into cubes, put in a salad bowl and sprinkle it immediately with the juice of a lime. Add all the fruit, 1 tbsp. at s. maple syrup and 1 tbsp. at s. chopped mint, mix gently.

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spring fruit rolls
Rinse and gently dry 12 strawberries, hull them. Peel 3 apricots or yellow peaches and remove the pits. Cut everything into very small dice. Chop 6 fresh mint leaves and mix with the fruit. Soak a sheet of rice in cold water to soften it. Place it on a clean tea towel, spread a little of the fruit mixture, fold the two ends of the sheet over the filling and roll the sheet on itself to form a roll. Do the same for all the rolls and serve immediately with a ramekin of red fruit coulis, everyone will dip their rolls in it.

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