Durillon : douleur, causes, et traitement.

The callus, most of the time located at the level of the foot, is a harmless condition, but which can prove to be particularly embarrassing if it is not treated. Sylvie Servat, podiatrist in the 16e arrondissement of Paris, details what it is about.


What is the callus?

The callus is a thickening of the skin due to friction or a bad support of the foot in the shoe, and can be painful or embarrassing depending on its location. It is manifested by a small cluster of yellowish-colored skin, also called hyperkeratosis (accumulation of keratin on the surface of the epidermis), roughness or redness.

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How to take care of your feet?

It will mainly be located under the foot, but in climbers or in manual professions, calluses can also appear on the hands.says Sylvie Servat, podiatrist in Paris.

If it is painless at the time of its appearance, the callus can root deeper into the skin : this is where the pain begins.

What are the causes of callus?

People who have foot deformities or professional orthostatism, that is to say who work a lot standing up, will be more prone to calluses. “They can be accentuated by the standard shoe: each foot is different, but the shoes are not.regrets the podiatrist.

What is the difference with a horn?

The callus is the step before the corn. “Repeated pressure will initially create a callus and then can create a nucleus, an additional cluster of skin that will evolve into a corn”, says the podiatrist. The horn is infected, unlike the callus. It will also be more painful.

How is the callus treated?

In order to eliminate a callus, it is necessary to go to a podiatrist to have it removed, and thus renew the infected skin. This intervention takes placelocally, with a scalpel”explains Sylvie Servat.

Between treatments at the podiatrist, it is important tomoisturize the foot with cream.

Callus: how to limit its appearance?

“If there is a malformation of the foot, it is advisable to wear spacious and wide shoes or orthopedic insoles, indicates the podiatrist. In case of overlapping toes, orthoplasty can be performed.”

The important thing is to protect the place of friction with bandages or specialized soles, in order to avoid clumps of skin.

Our speaker: Sylvie Servat, podiatrist pedicure in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

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