Dormir quand il fait chaud

Sleeping in hot weather can in some cases prove impossible… In addition to closing the shutters during the day and hydrating yourself sufficiently, here are some tips for lowering body temperature and finding sleep more easily.

An early and marked scorching episode will concern the middle Rhône valley and the regions extending from the South-West to the Pays de la Loire from tomorrow until next weekend, indicates this Wednesday, June 15, Météo France.

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And it is enough for the temperatures to rise for our body to go haywire. Lhe loss of mineral salts due to perspiration and fatigue contribute to a reduction in appetite. Sleep is also disturbed. And the only solution to avoid sleepless nights is to lower the body temperature between 36.4° and 36.2°C. We explain how.

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Yoga to lower body temperature

Doing a mini yoga session before sleeping is a technique often used in traditional Indian medicine to lower fever, improve concentration or regulate blood pressure.

  1. Sitting comfortably, stick out your tongue and bend it into a U shape. If that’s not possible, just stick out your tongue.
  2. Inhale deeply through your mouth, feeling the air pass over your tongue, a bit like breathing through a straw, until it reaches your stomach.
  3. Close your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose.
  4. Start again at the end of the expiration and repeat 5 times per hour maximum.

Ventilate as much as possible

  • Air currents are created. Be sure to block the openings, otherwise beware of waking up at night because of a slamming door or window.
  • We invest in a ventilator. Although not very powerful, it helps to cool the body, especially if a bottle of frozen water is placed in front of the blades. Leaving the device on overnight avoids directing it towards the head and neck. It is better to direct the breath of air towards the legs or the middle of the body.

We take a lukewarm shower

The best time is just before going to bed. The goal is to lower the body temperature, it is not a question of activating right after! You can start with a cold shower starting from the feet and going up along the legs. Then we finish with a jet of lukewarm water to respect the temperature of the body (37°C). Afterwards, only the feet and folds are dried to keep a few droplets of refreshing water on the skin.

We draw our mineral water spray

We opt for a large format version. And we think of putting the mineral water spray in the refrigerator during the day to maximize the cooling effect in the evening. Before going to bed, we spray the sheets and the pillow. Then we keep it close at hand to be able to use it in case of night heat. If it is used often, a small towel is provided for wiping between two sprays.

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