Voilà pourquoi on ressent l’étincelle (ou non) au premier rendez-vous, selon la Science

Shortness of breath, tingling in the stomach, sweating… If love is a science, the alchemy of the first date seems inexplicable. And yet, a new study would have discovered the reason for this spark.

Has the alchemy of the first date finally found its scientific explanation? While this feeling remains enigmatic to many researchers, some suggest that this romantic chemistry may be due to a mix of stress, reward, and happiness hormones, including dopamine. But that might not be the only explanation, according to a new study. Everything would actually be a timing issue.

A team from Boston University wanted to find out what was hidden behind this famous alchemy. The study, published in March 2022 in the journal Scientific Reportsstarted from the hypothesis that people who feel a strong connection actually exude a synchronythat’s to say “the pairing of affective states and biological rhythms over time for purposes of social regulation“, indicates the study. An often noticed bond between the mother and the infant.

To confirm this claim, the researchers conducted a speed-dating experience on 46 straight dates. Each appointment lasted five minutes, during which the researchers measured the electrodermal activity of the men and women in order to test their nervous systems. They also filmed them to analyze their movements and thus see if the participants regulated each other.

A tenfold interest thanks to synchronization

After each date, participants rated their partners on a scale of one to five, on three measures: romantic interest in the partner, sexual attraction and physical appearance. Researchers found that the more people listened and adapted their physiology and behavior to each other be the best synchronized , the better they rated their partner. Women would also be more affected by synchronization with their partner.

When a man and a woman are very in sync and tuned in on a date, their romantic and sexual interest in each other is also high.“, the researchers concluded.”This provides evidence that sexual and romantic attraction in humans involves social adjustment of the sympathetic nervous system and motor behaviors.”

Physical appearance is not the only marker of interest

This behavioral regulation would even explain the evolution of romantic interest, beyond physical appearance. The stronger the attraction, the more the internal biological systems – nervous systems, breathing – automatically synchronize. Outside, small gestures, smiles complete this synchrony and show the attraction. “This suggests that adapting physiology and behavior to a partner, during the interaction, can promote romantic bonding.”, say the scientists.

Our research demonstrates that behavioral and physiological synchrony can be a useful mechanism for attracting a romantic partner. However, we still don’t know if synchrony increases attraction or if the feeling of attraction generates the motivation to sync.”, nevertheless qualifies the study in its conclusion.

A good lead to analyze your next appointments: if you feel synchronized with the person in front, it is surely a good sign!

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  • Bio-behavioral synchrony is a potential mechanism for mate selection in humans, Scientific ReportsMarch 2022

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