When the thermometer rises, we often have less desire to eat. So eat well while avoiding getting even hotter? Advice from Delphine Faure, nutritionist.

The three days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday will probably be the hottest in the territory. Nighttime temperatures will become increasingly sultry with lows often reaching or exceeding the 20°C threshold. So, to better withstand the heat, here are the nutrition tips from Delphine Faure, dietician and naturopath.

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To avoid: charcuterie, raw vegetables in excess, prepared meals

Sausage, chorizo ​​and raw ham are not our allies when it’s (very) hot: “indeed: the delicatessen is very rich in salt, which favors the Water retention in the body“explains Delphine Faure. Result: we have heavy legs, we suffer from aqueous cellulite, we have swollen feet and calves…

Especially avoid ready meals (for example: industrial and/or frozen quiches) where the salt is present in excess since it is used as a flavor enhancer“, notes the specialist.

Contrary to popular belief, the raw vegetables are not especially our friends in summer: “of course, there is no question of banishing raw vegetables from our diet since cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots… remain very interesting from a nutritional point of viewnotes the expert. In excess, raw vegetables can however be responsible for bloating and digestive discomfort (because they ferment in the stomach) but also for acid reflux (the tomato is thus the champion of stomach pains)“. Crudités, yes, but only at the start of a meal and not as a single dish!

Finally, it is obvious: when temperatures reach peaks, we avoid heavy dishes (in sauce, based on melted cheese…) which require additional efforts from the body, while it is already tired by the heat.

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To be preferred: water, cooked vegetables, seasonal fruits

Of course, when it is very hot, it is essential to be well hydrated. The preferred drink iswater : “chilled or at room temperature, but not ice coldnotes however Delphine Faure. Indeed: ice water does not hydrate more, but it requires an additional effort from the body, which is not desirable“. You can also opt for a lukewarm tea or a fresh fruit infusion. Alcohol, on the other hand, is to be absolutely avoided since it dehydrates!

The ideal, in the middle of summer, is the cooked vegetables : “favor seasonal vegetables and cook them in a wok or steam before enjoying them hot or cold“, suggests Delphine Faure. Eggplant, zucchini, pepper, tomato… The best way to enjoy good nutrients, without suffering digestive discomfort.

Finally, we swap the Italian ice cream (too sweet, too oily…) for a seasonal fruit, excellent for the line and for the health. For example: apricots rich in vitamin A, figs rich in vitamins B, cherries rich in antioxidants, strawberries rich in potassium, peaches… In summer, there is choice!

5 menu ideas for this summer

  • A salad of grated carrots, light vinaigrette + a traditional piperade (hot or cold) + a fried egg + fruit,
  • Two slices of melon + a ratatouille (hot or cold) + two scoops of homemade strawberry sorbet,
  • A nut and citrus salad + a cold soup (for example: a gazpacho) + a fruit salad with no added sugar,
  • A slice of watermelon + a tian of vegetables (courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes… to be enjoyed hot or cold) + one or two hard-boiled eggs + a compote without added sugar,
  • A cucumber salad, light vinaigrette + a wok of vegetables (hot or cold) + cottage cheese with fruit coulis without added sugar.

thanks to Delphine Fauredietician, hypnotherapist and naturopath, founder of the Yami app.

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