Comment habiller bébé quand il fait chaud ?

With the onset of hot weather, when the thermometer exceeds 25°C, it is essential not to cover babies too much. Discover our advice.

The heat wave is difficult for adults to bear, it is even more so for infants who are not yet able to regulate their body temperature. When the mercury rises above 25°C, a toddler is particularly vulnerable. Difficult then to know how to dress it so that it is comfortable.

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It is therefore important to choose your clothes according to the outside temperature but especially according to the temperature inside the house, the environment, the presence or not of air conditioning in the accommodation. The objective is to minimize perspiration and therefore the risk of dehydration, a phenomenon that can happen very quickly and presents a real danger to baby’s health.

Dressing baby in summer: we favor light and natural materials

Little summer outfits for babies are absolutely adorable. But during a heat wave, comfort should be favored over aesthetics. It is better to avoid synthetic materials, tight clothes, sets with a complex closing system, small details like bows, ruffles, collars. The goal is for baby to feel good! Toddlers generally do not particularly appreciate the dressing phase, they become impatient, fidget, sometimes start crying. A tenfold discomfort when it is very hot. The risk is to end up with a swimming, annoyed and tired baby.

We therefore prefer loose, light-coloured outfits, made of cotton or an airy and light fabric such as bamboo, a naturally antibacterial, absorbent and antiperspirant material. For little girls, we also avoid headbands which, while they are certainly pretty, are absolutely not comfortable. In summary, to walk we prefer simplicity with a little light dress for girls, a loose shirt for boys. But above all, avoid going out during the hottest hours. During a heat wave, it is better to wait for the mercury to really decline (sometimes only at 8 p.m.!) to get some fresh air.

Heat wave: one layer and that’s it?

The first thing to do is to invest in a thermometer in order to know the temperature inside the accommodation, this allows you to adapt the baby’s outfit. Even when it’s very hot, we are sometimes tempted to cover baby. In reality, during a heat wave, baby can stay in diaper all day. No need to add a bodysuit, pajamas or sleeping bag if the temperature inside the house exceeds 27 degrees. The less baby is covered, the less he will sweat and the less he will risk dehydration.

If the temperature is between 23 and 25 degrees, a diaper and a bodysuit are sufficient. Be careful, however, if the apartment is air-conditioned, it will then be necessary to cover the baby accordingly with pajamas and a sleeping bag so that he does not catch cold.

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