What can I do with Marseille soap?  6 unusual uses

You bought a cube of Marseille soap and you don’t know how to use it? Here are 6 unusual (but effective!) tricks to try.

Produced in Provence since the 12th century, Marseille soap is a real Swiss army knife: we use it in the shower, of course, but also when we do the housework, when we do the laundry, when we garden , when you have small health concerns… It is used for everything, or almost!

Marseille soap is brown-green or white

Yes, but here it is: at present, the appellation does not benefit from any legal protection. It is therefore imperative to pay attention to a certain number of criteria when you wish to buy a real “Marseille soap”:

  • Marseille soap consists only of vegetable oils: if, in the list of ingredients, you read “sodium lardate” (pork fat) or “sodium tallowate” (beef fat), go your way.
  • It contains at least 72% oil and a maximum of 28% water.
  • It contains no preservatives, perfumes or synthetic additives: the list of ingredients must contain a maximum of 6 elements.
  • It is brown-green in color when made with olive oil – this is the traditional recipe. Otherwise, it may be white-beige when made from palm and copra oil (the latter is extracted from coconut).

Inexpensive and naturally antiseptic, Marseille soap has experienced a real resurgence in popularity with the Covid-19 epidemic: according to specialists, sales have thus been multiplied by 6 in 2021.

In March 2020, the director of the PACA Regional Health Agency, Philippe De Mester, recommended washing your hands regularly with Marseille soap to prevent the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

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Marseille soap to clean your makeup brushes
Our make-up brushes are real breeding grounds for bacteria! To effectively clean our beauty tools without damaging them, Marseille soap (mild and antiseptic) remains a good solution. In practice: generously wet your make-up brush, rub it on a cube of damp Marseille soap until the bristles foam, rub the bristles again in the palm of your hand, then rinse with clear water. Repeat the operation until the foam is white! Remember to let dry on a clean towel.

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Marseille soap for shaving
For both men and women, Marseille soap (which foams very well, which is hypoallergenic and antiseptic) can completely replace shaving foam. For example, to wax your legs and armpits, start by wetting the skin with lukewarm water; Then rub the skin with a cube of Marseille soap until it foams. Shave carefully then rinse with lukewarm water.

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Marseille soap to soothe a mosquito bite
If you have been bitten by a mosquito, start by cleaning the area with clear water and Marseille soap: the latter will immediately eliminate the insect’s irritating saliva and help the lesion to heal without stinging. infect. Moreover, according to some studies, Marseille soap has soothing properties; of course, you must also avoid scratching the area…

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Marseille soap against diaper rash in babies
Diaper rash (“red buttocks”) is common since experts estimate that 80% of babies are affected between the 6th and 12th month of life. As soon as the first redness appears, use Marseille soap (hypoallergenic and antiseptic) to wash your child’s buttocks: don’t forget to rinse well and dry with paper tissues. If the erythema persists for more than a few days, medical advice is essential.

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Marseille soap against night cramps

It seems surprising, and yet! According to several doctors, placing a cube of Marseille soap under the sheets would prevent night cramps, in the lower limbs in particular. “Real Marseille soap contains potassium chloride: the potassium ions penetrate the muscle and allow a better cellular calcium / magnesium / potassium balance which prevents muscle cramps“says Dr. Henry Puget, general practitioner.

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