Fracture du poignet : causes, diagnostic, traitement.

Does your wrist hurt and you suspect a fracture? What are the symptoms and what are the treatments for a wrist fracture? Top Santé reveals what you need to know.


What is a wrist fracture?

A wrist fracture is diagnosed whenone or more bones in the wrist are broken. The most common wrist fracture is the fracture of the lower part of the radius. However, there can also be multiple fractures.

What are the main causes of wrist fractures?

Most often the fracture of the wrist occurs during a fall forward. The first instinct is to put your hands forward to cushion the fall, but sometimes this can cause a fracture.

What are the symptoms of a wrist fracture?

In addition to a significant pain, the wrist swells due to the formation of edema. It is also possible that bruises appear. It is essential to go to a doctor.

How is a wrist fracture diagnosed?

A doctor is able, through a clinical examination, to strongly suspect a diagnosis of wrist fracture. He routinely prescribes x-ray to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatments: how to treat a broken wrist?

There are two ways to treat a wrist fracture. You either have to immobilizethat is operate. In any case, complete healing takes some time.

When is an operation necessary?

If it is a complex fracture, the doctor can then recommend a surgical operation in order to replace the bones correctly using a pin or plate.

Consolidation: how long before healing?

You have to be patient, because as a rule you have to at least a month and a half before the wrist is completely healed.

Rehabilitation after a wrist fracture: when?

It is quite rare for rehabilitation to be offered to the patient after immobilization using a cast. On the other hand, when the fracture required an operation, in particular the laying of plates, rehabilitation sessions are often necessary. They usually start six weeks after surgery.

Wrist stiffness: what to do?

Stiffness in the wrist following a fracture can reflect poor reduction of the fracture and the onset of osteoarthritis. It is essential to consult if stiffness appears.

What are the complications of a poorly treated fracture?

The main complication that can occur in the context of a wrist fracture is osteoarthritis. To avoid this, it is important to talk to your doctor at the first signs of stiffness.

How to sleep with a wrist fracture?

The best position for sleeping with a wrist fracture is on the back with a cushion under the fractured wrist. It is important to keep a splint on overnight to prevent involuntary movement from interfering with your healing.

Can you drive with a broken wrist?

While not prohibited, driving with a broken wrist is not not recommended especially if you have a car with a manual gearbox.

How much time off work for a broken wrist?

The work stoppage can go from 7 to 84 days depending on the type of fracture and depending on the type of employment. Your doctor will recommend the appropriate time based on your fracture and your work activities.


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