Facial care: adopt the Japanese care ritual in 3 steps

Do you envy the quality of Japanese women’s skin? Discover their ritual which is not just about applying products to the face…

Renowned for their practice of layering (superimposition of several treatments, from the lightest to the richest, mille-feuille style), Japanese women inspire us to display flawless and perfectly hydrated skin. Keiko Suyama founder of www.bijo.paris makes us discover 3 key steps of the daily routine of Japanese women.

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Step 1: double cleansing

This is the essential step in the Japanese beauty ritual. It begins with the use of a fat body (cleansing oil, balm or cleansing milk) to remove makeup, sebum, dust and pollution particles. On application, gently massage the face with your fingertips to remove all impurities.

Then use a water-rinsable foaming cleanser, or a konjac sponge, to remove the last fatty substances.

Step 2: adopt a preparatory liquid care

On clean skin, apply a liquid treatment (essence, moisturizing lotion) in order to prepare the skin to receive the other formulas. Well hydrated, the epidermis is indeed more receptive to absorb care products concentrated in active ingredients. Choose a spray or apply the lotion by pressing the hands flat on the face. Some formulas, in addition to being moisturizing, are enriched with balancing and firming active ingredients…

Step 3: boost your skin with a targeted action serum

Applied to damp skin, just after the lotion, the serum injects its concentrated active ingredients into the heart of the skin. Chosen according to the needs of the skin at the moment T, it intensely hydrates, corrects imperfections, smoothes fine lines…

By ending the care ritual with the application of a cream, whose texture is richer than that of the treatments applied previously, you protect the epidermis from dehydration, pollution and other external aggressions.


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