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[CHIFFRES COVID DIRECT] After more than a month of sharp decline, the number daily cases seems to be on the rise again. The possibility of a wave this summer remains very strong according to Arnaud Fontanet, member of the Scientific Council.


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Monkey pox: symptoms, transmission, cases in France
  • Covid figures in France this Monday, June 6: 6,184 people were infected in 24 hours to June 6, up 32% over the last seven days. The positivity rate is 15.4%. In addition, the situation is still improving at the hospital, with 2,113 hospitalizations over the last 7 days, a decrease of 25.7% in 7 days. A total of 14,419 people are currently hospitalized. Similarly, the number of deaths is down sharply: 252 over the last seven days (-19.5%).
  • The BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants are progressing in France and a rebound is observed. “The possibility of seeing a wave linked to new sub-variants at the start of the school year or even this summer remains very strong, Arnaud Fontanet (Scientific advice) told Le Figaro on June 6.. But we no longer approach this risk in the same way as a year ago. We have accumulated injections and infections in recent months. This should at least protect us against an increase in serious forms.

Other info:

  • The city of Beijing announced on Sunday the lifting of the anti-Covid sanitary device in place for several weeks in the Chinese capital.
  • Weekly report from Public Health France: the last week of May the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 continued to slow down but less markedly compared to the previous weeks. At the same time, the number of hospital admissions continued to decline.
  • The BA.2 sub-lineage of the Omicron variant remains the majority: 94% of the interpretable sequences of the last Flash survey. “An increase in the presence of the mutation at position L452 in the screening tests (12% in S21) was again observed this week in connection with the increase in certain Omicron sub-lines including BA.4 and BA.5 : 0.8% for BA.4 and 5% for BA.5 during Flash H20-2022, compared to 0.5% and 1.5% during Flash H19-2022.” In South Africa, where BA .4 and BA.5 were initially detected, the peak of the epidemic wave associated with these two sub-lineages was passed in mid-May and its impact was very moderate”, comments Public Health France.
  • After two years of pandemic, the mental health of young people is still fragile : the Defender of Rights called on the Prime Minister to launch an emergency plan for the mental health of young people.
  • The Academy of Medicine warns of the risk of an increase in lasting cognitive disorders. In a press release issued this Wednesday, she therefore calls “to study the long-term consequences and the social weight of these prolonged neurological and psychiatric forms.”
  • After two years of restrictions, Italy announced on Monday May 30 that it was abolishing from this Wednesday any obligation to present proof of vaccination against Covid-19. It will no longer be mandatory to present a health pass to enter the country.
  • The High Authority for Health (HAS) recommends a vaccine booster for the most fragile in the fall (in particular, immunocompromised people and their entourage, people aged 65 and over and/or with comorbidities at risk of a serious form). It also recommends considering the vaccination of healthcare professionals.
  • End of wearing a mask in public transport. The lifting of the obligation in buses, metro or train has been effective since May 16. But the mask remains recommended or mandatory in certain situations. In addition, immunocompromised people are worried, as pointed out by Yvanie Caillé, founder of the association of patients with kidney disease Renaloo. In an interview at Releaseshe is sounding the alarm for these patients who have already been excluded from the public space since the start of the pandemic.
  • Variant Omicron: symptoms, incubation, duration…
  • “The total toll associated directly or indirectly with the Covid-19 pandemic between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021 isabout 14.9 million dead“, or one in 500 humans, the WHO said in a statement on Thursday.
  • HAS proposes reimbursement of Paxlovid : after authorizing early access to Paxlovid, an antiviral for the preventive treatment of severe forms of Covid-19 on January 22, HAS, after evaluation, decides for its reimbursement. Learn more about Paxlovid.
  • Only around one in four patients hospitalized with Covid-19 have fully recovered after a yearaccording to a British study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, especially when you are a woman or obese.
  • Positive Covid test: when the health measures have been lifted, what should be done in the event of a positive test? What are the steps to register with Améli? We will explain everything to you.
  • What is the minimum time between two Covid contaminations? According to Dr. Blanchecotte, president of the Syndicat des Biologistes, we could catch Covid-19 again after about 1 month.
  • Men have been more affected by Covid than women: according to a study which has just been published by INED, among the over 55s, the excess mortality among men compared to women is even greater if we focus only on deaths linked to Covid.
  • The virus would not be transmitted so easily by the hands : a recent American study suggests that the Covid-19 virus is not easily transmitted through contaminated surfaces, due to the presence of mucins, protective proteins. Learn more.
  • Pregnant women and Covid transmission: a large study published in the BMJ shows that there is very little risk that a pregnant woman infected with Covid will transmit it to her baby, in particular, when she has a mild form. When the mother tests positive for the virus, about 2% of babies test positive within days of birth, the study concludes.
  • Covid long: Depression, loss of appetite, self-confidence… What are the consequences of a loss of smell that lasts? The explanations of Jean-Marie Lledo, researcher at the CNRS and the Institut Pasteur in our article.
  • Insee report: despite the Covid, the year 2021 recorded a slight rebound, according to Insee. Mortality remains abnormally high (compared to the period before the epidemic), but its decrease coupled with the increase in births leads to a 0.3% increase in the French population in one year.
  • The Covid, soon a disease like the flu? Although the disease is still in the pandemic phase, the spread of the Omicron variant will transform Covid-19 into an endemic disease, Marco Cavaleri, head of vaccine strategy at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), based in Paris, explained on Tuesday. Amsterdam. Read also: Thanks to Omicron, Covid-19 will become an endemic disease: what does that mean?
  • I had no side effects after the vaccine, am I really protected? Our answer.

Covid figures in France: cases, deaths, curves

The results in figures in France as of Friday June 3:

  • 25,365 new cases in 24 hours
  • 148,426 deaths
  • 926 patients currently hospitalized in intensive care in total
  • Test positivity rate: 14.9%
  • Effective R: 0.7
  • Over 54 million people who have received at least one dose of vaccine
  • New intensive care admissions

  • In total, in intensive care

And also :

  • How to download the European certified vaccination certificate.
  • You can download your Covid-19 certificateon the Tous Anti-Covid app or on the government website.
  • Immediate work stoppage: how does this new measure announced by Olivier Véran work? We explain to you.
  • The company health protocol is published.
  • How to benefit from a home nurse if you are infected with Covid-19? Learn more about home nursing.
  • Mental health campaign “talking about it is already treating yourself”:a general public campaign by the Ministry of Health encourages the French to “talk” about their psychological state, which has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and recalls the existence of helplines. The objective is to better detect depressive and anxiety disorders before they worsen and/or become chronic. The campaign, broken down into three spots, will be deployed on radio, television and on the Internet.
  • the “psy package”which will allow the reimbursement of ten sessions with a psychologist for children and adolescents, will be effective at the end of May.
  • Alcoholism: In an anxiety-provoking context, combining health fears and increasing precariousness, the mental health of the French is severely affected. At the forefront of the risks, the increase in addiction to alcohol. Stress, alcohol at hand… contribute to relapses. The advice of psychiatrist Fanny Jacq interviewed by Top Santé.
  • Covid-long: causes, symptoms, risk profiles… What we know a year after the start of the epidemic
  • The oximeters, which allow patients suffering from Covid-19 to measure their oxygen saturation level at home, are reimbursed at 100%. Learn more about home oxygen therapy.

Parliament adopted the extension of the state of health emergency until June 1. A text of law will propose to institute a current transitional regime from June 2 to October 31.

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