6 keys to strengthen (and make) your friendships

It keeps you away from loneliness, has painkiller properties and even allows you to live longer… Friendship has many proven health benefits. But to benefit from it, it is important to maintain it on a daily basis.

What if friendship helped be healthier ? Anti-stress remedy, against anxiety and even against aging… Many studies have already demonstrated the many benefits of friendship. And a study published in January 2021 in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, one of the largest on the subject conducted among 323,000 people from 99 different countries, showed that those who derive the most benefits from their friendships are also those who invest the most. They would even enjoy a better physical and psychological health.

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“Friendships are one of the untapped resources people can tap into to lead happier, healthier lives. They cost literally nothing and have health and wellness benefits”had then underlined Professor William Chopik, main author of the study.

“People who come from more privileged backgrounds have many resources that contribute to their health and happiness, but it seems that for those who don’t have these resources, friendships may be a particularly important factor in their lives. “concluded the researcher.

But the friendship work on a daily basis and takes some effort. So whether it’s for a lifelong friendship or for friends you’re trying to reconnect with, here are six tips to help you strengthen your friendships and make them even better.

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  • Friendship Importance Around the World: Links to Cultural Factors, Health, and Well-Being, Frontiers in PsychologyJanuary 2021

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Remember the good times you had together
To reconnect with your friends, nothing better than remembering the good times you spent together. Look at photos, publications shared on your social networks… Share the memories you keep of each other.

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Give her attention without being clingy
Giving attention to his friends is essential: do him a favor when he needs it, offer him your help. But without suffocating it! There’s nothing more annoying than an overly clingy friend. Let the other live and breathe while showing them that you will always be there for them.

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Celebrate your successes
A new apartment, a professional success, a good grade… There are no small victories and showing your friends that you are proud of them can only strengthen your relationship and your closeness. A good opportunity to get together over a drink or a good meal!

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Don’t put pressure on yourself
The best friendships are simple friendships: no rules, no pressure, no unreal expectations… In friendship, no need to prove yourself. Thus, the more your relationship will be simple, the more you will derive joy from it and enjoy its benefits.

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See you in real life

In the era of social networks and the trauma of health restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, friendly relations tend to be done at a distance, by interposed screen. As summer approaches, take advantage of the nice weather (and the end of restrictions) to get outdoors to enjoy a picnic in a park or a night out dancing.

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