Comment perdre du poids sans renoncer aux pâtes ?

Pasta has a reputation for being fattening, and when we want to lose weight we tend to cut it out of our diet, like bread. However, pasta does not make you fat and can even be part of a food rebalancing!

Spaghetti, pasta shells, linguine, macaroni, penne, farfalle, fusili… Lose weight without giving up pasta? It’s possible ! For that, you have to make the right choices. “Better to focus on whole pastainforms Lilli Carat, author of the book Pasta for weight loss published by Alpen (May 2022).

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Wholemeal pasta, which is opposed to white pasta, retains all the elements of wheat (germ, bran, seeds). They are part of the family known as “slow sugars” such as brown rice or quinoa for example and have a low glycemic index (GI). The release of sugar is slower than with white pasta. “The consumption of wholemeal pasta would also be good for the heart and is very suitable for those who practice physical activity due to the gradual release of energy”, says Lilli Carat.

What cooking ? How much ? At what time of the day ?

Another rule so that pasta does not make you gain weight, consume them “al dente”. This means cooking them for 3 minutes for long, dry pasta like spaghetti. “This type of cooking is an advantage for not gaining weight by eating pasta. Cooked al dente, pasta has a lower GI: 55 against 70 if it is overcooked”, emphasizes Lilli Carat.

It is also appropriate to eat pasta at lunchtime instead. “By consuming them at lunchtime, your body will burn the calories contained and transform them into energy necessary for the activities of the day”explains our pasta specialist.

It is also of course necessary to respect the quantities of starchy foods to consume each day. Limit yourself to 100 grams of starch per day. “If you eat pasta for lunch, you should not eat rice or potatoes in the evening”, recommends Lilli Carat.

What foods to associate with pasta to avoid gaining weight?

Eating pasta alone does not make you fat. What will have an influence on our weight are the foods eaten with pasta. The addition of cooked cheeses which are very caloric or commercial sauce rich in lipids and sugar, for example, increases the number of calories.

Make your own sauces with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, chicken or vegetable broth. As part of a diet, accompany your pasta with strips of steamed or grilled chicken or shrimp and vegetables. “There are pasta-food combinations that are better than others for promoting a flat stomach”, inform the author.

Good combinations with pasta (strong starches like rice or cereals): low proteins (legumes, soya, mushrooms, seaweed, oilseed products, fresh goat’s or sheep’s cheese) and vegetables. “Dividing the plate in two, one side with pasta and the other with vegetables, for example, helps to balance the quantities”, recommend the author.

To keep the line or even lose weight while eating pasta, favor low GI recipes. Examples given by Lilli Carat? Pasta salad with lentils, pasta salad with raw vegetables, farfalle with grilled vegetables…

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