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How does a toe fracture occur and what are the symptoms? How to differentiate a sprain and a fracture of the toe? Find out everything you need to know with Top Santé.


What is a toe fracture?

If the big toe or one of the toes is broken, then we speak of toe fracture. Although little known, this fracture is nevertheless relatively common in adults and children.

What causes toe fractures?

The main cause of a toe fracture is shock. This often violent shock can be generated by the fall of a heavy object on one of the toes of the foot. Rarer, the fracture can also be caused by a violent impact against an object for example when running.

Symptoms: how to recognize a broken toe?

The main symptom of a broken toe is that it is painful, especially when walking. It is not uncommon for the broken toe to swell, the skin is therefore tense and a purplish or black color can appear especially under the nail.

How do you know if it’s a fracture or a sprained toe?

If the doctor suspects a broken bone or sprain, a radio can be performed. It is thanks to this that it will be possible to determine whether the toe is fractured or whether it is a sprained toe. The treatment will generally be the same in both cases, with the exception of a displaced fracture of the big toe in a young person, for which surgery will be performed.

How is a toe fracture diagnosed?

A clinical examination allows the doctor to validate the presence of a toe fracture. If there is any doubt, the doctor can then order an X-ray to obtain confirmation of the fracture.

Treatments: how to treat a broken toe?

The most commonly used treatment for a broken toe is to fix the fractured toe to the nearest toe with strapping. The toe will be realigned after several weeks. If necessary, the doctor will drain any blood that may have collected under the broken toenail. In some, rarer cases, it may be necessary to realign the broken bones by performing orthopedic surgery.

How long does a toe fracture last?

A broken toe takes time to heal. It is necessary to count several weeks before being able to resume normal activity. This time is incompressible, because it is necessary for the toe to get back into place.

How long to immobilize a broken toe?

The most common technique being the one toe broken toe sprain which has not been damaged, recovery may take a long time. As a general rule, it takes at least 6 weeks.

Can you walk with a broken toe?

If it is a fracture of the big toe, it is recommended not to step on the affected foot. It will therefore be recommended to have crutches. For any toe that is broken, you will need to wear wide, comfortable shoes that do not press on the broken toe at all.

Work stoppage: what you need to know

A work stoppage will, in all cases, be obtained by a person who breaks his toe. The sedentary nature of the work makes the stop more or less long. In case of light physical work, theshutdown will be 10 days. For a person performing heavy physical work, the work stoppage will be 28 days. These times can be doubled in the event of surgical treatment.


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