"Golden penis" syndrome: 5 clues to know if your new lover has it

You fell in love with a man, but you find him a bit distant? Maybe he suffers from “golden penis” syndrome. Zoom.

Is it a new luxury sex toy? A sexually transmitted infection (STI)? A brand of condoms? None of that: the “golden penis” syndrome is a toxic behavior in love recently theorized by students at Sarah Lawrence College (in the United States).

In this American university, heterosexual men are outnumbered since the establishment has 75% of women among its students. Obviously, the situation does not encourage these gentlemen to make efforts to seduce… and many of them have developed “acute flemmingitis” when it comes to finding a partner for one night or for life. . Hence the “golden penis” syndrome, synonymous with the “least effort syndrome”.

The golden penis syndrome, relational laziness

How to recognize a man with golden penis syndrome? In an article published by our colleagues at Cosmopolitan, the American journalist Taylor Andrews lists 5 clues that should put you on the alert (and scare you away):

  • He never offers you a “date” strictly speaking: his vocabulary is limited to “seeing each other”, “doing something together” or (worse) “meeting somewhere”. Take initiatives ? Very little for him, thank you.
  • When you ask him out on a date (a real one), he’s never too sure of his schedule…even if the big day is two weeks from now. The “golden penis syndrome” prefers not to commit, in case a better opportunity arises.
  • When it comes to conversation, he is (very) thrifty: he often answers your questions in monosyllables, he doesn’t ask any, and he only seems really interested when the discussion takes a sexual turn.
  • He communicates almost exclusively via interposed screens (it’s less tiring), and he is able to let 5 days, 7 days, 10 days go by without answering you. In reality, he hunts several hares at a time.
  • His worst nightmare? Public displays of affection, especially if there are other women around. It would not be a question of seeming to be in a relationship, at the risk of losing potential conquests!

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