Decotherapy: 9 keys to finding the decor that really suits you

To have an interior that we like aesthetically and psychologically, we have to work on ourselves and on our decoration. Advice from Anne-Laure Rusak, interior decorator trained in psychology.

“Far from the aesthetic aspect alone, decoration has an important psychological aspect. Working on your interior allows you to know yourself better. By changing where you live, you are working on your own transformation. By improving your habitat, you can improve your life.” says Anne-Laure Rusak.

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This interior bears witness to your tastes, your aspirations, your way of life “but above all results from many conscious and unconscious choices”, emphasizes the decorator who explains that “your interior reveals ‘who you are’ and ‘who you want to be'”. To feel better at home and in your life, Anne-Laure Rusak invites you to take time for introspection and to look at your interior in a different way to “find what is the essence of your personality”.

“The interior decoration that suits you is the one that reflects you and in which you feel good”, says our expert. She recalls the importance of our interior which “must be our protective cocoon”. “It is a priori the place where you should feel the most comfortablethe more oneself…, she insists. If we don’t have an interior that rejuvenates us and soothes us, it is more difficult to face the difficulties of life.” explains the decorator.

This is why it is important to be the most yourself at home to feel the most at peace with yourself. “To be at peace at home is to be at peace in oneself”, insists Anne-Laure Rusak.

Here are 9 tips to find harmony at home and in you!

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Deconditioning is the basis for finding the decor that suits you. “You have to distinguish between what corresponds to your personality and what you do out of habit, because you think that’s how you should do (if you repeat family patterns for example), or to please others”, says Anne-Laure Rusak. Take a step back and try to understand why you made these decorating choices, ask yourself if it wouldn’t suit you better to do the opposite!

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The shades that will make you vibrate
“It is important to dare to go for shades that make you vibrate”, advises Anne-Laure Rusak. And this without thinking consciously and telling you “choosing this color may make our interior difficult to sell” or “I’m going to get tired of these shades”. The interior designer’s recommendation: be in the present moment, choose from a color chart the colors that arouse emotions in you, that correspond to you today. “If you are attracted to turquoise, you can choose accessories in this shade,” she says. You don’t have to paint entire walls in this shade!

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Working with the Interior Designers Tool
To find your style, work on your trend board. “It’s a concrete tool for visualizing what can be done”, informs Anne-Laure Rusak. “It’s about combining lots of images that you like and trying to create a board with a consistent style,” she explains. You can thus create a harmony per room and then for all the rooms.

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What makes sense to YOU
To find the decor that suits you, you need to analyze what you want to experience in your home. “You must ask yourself what your priorities are: having space, living in nature, having a good time with your family?, explains the interior designer. Refocusing on what is essential for you will allow you to choose a decor that suits you”, says Anne-Laure Rusak. And to cite an example: “if you love to receive people and you have a very crowded living room and no room, you are surely frustrated”. Perhaps it will then be necessary to change the layout of this room?

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A decoration according to your values
You must analyze what your core values ​​are to make decoration choices in line with them. “Your environment must reflect these values ​​if you want to feel good at home, but also in harmony with yourself,” says Anne-Laure Rusak. She explains for example that if you are attached to sustainable development and ecology and you have chipboard or plywood furniture, you are not consistent with your core values. Your decoration is not in harmony with you!

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Do sorting
“Sorting and tidying up are the first actions to put in place to put your home and yourself in order,” recommends the interior designer. The idea? Keep what we love and get rid of what invades us psychologically or emotionally. “Ask yourself, ‘Am I okay with everything I have? “”, recommends Anne-Laure Rusak. “You may find it hard to part with the furniture you inherited and feel guilty. Choose your favorite and give the others to people you love for example, or store them in a separate room”, advises – she.

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Overcome blockages
“We don’t always dare to be at home. Our home should be the place where we should be the most free”, teaches Anne-Laure Rusak. You have to overcome your blockages and do the decor you like without wondering what your parents, your neighbors will think… Getting out of your fears will allow you to assert yourself! “Your house can become your laboratory of experiments to surpass yourself. You can experiment at home what you dare not do outside”, informs the decorator.

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Dare to take risks
“Dare to assert your personality and your style in your interior”, encourages Anne-Laure Rusak. Do you want a wallpaper with important patterns? To put lots of plants because you love nature? Do it! “Assuming your tastes in your decoration is daring to show who you are”, deciphers the interior designer.

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