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Designed for amateur and professional athletes, spinning is a training method that consists of indoor cycling to the rhythm of lively music.

It is a cardio-training activity generally practiced in a group under the encouragement of a coach who dictates the pace, but it can also be practiced at home.

Chances are you haven’t heard of it, because indoor cycling is now a real trend and thousands of gyms have them.

If you want to improve your heart capacity, strengthen your lower body and lose weight, this sport is for you! So, saddle up to discover all the secrets of the spinning for weight loss with Alphabody !

Unlike the classic exercise bike, the spinning, also called spin-bike, body bike or Raw Power Motion, has only one wheel (or flywheel) and its design is completely different.

The user experience is all the more satisfactory thanks to its electronic assistance and possibly, pre-programmed exercises. You can adjust your saddle and handlebars horizontally or vertically to best replicate the feel of a traditional outdoor bike.

Cycling shoes clip onto the pedals for a better hold. Spinning is ergometric, which means you can adjust the resistance torque of the crankset for more or less difficulty.

This fitness bike allows you to follow the same spinning session and the same rhythm of music by adapting its resistance to the fitness level of each athlete.

With him, no chance of ending up with your head in the handlebars, because spinning obviously does not move!

The benefits of spinning

Spinning is a complete exercise that involves great energy expenditure, ideal for burning calories (approximately between 300 and 600 in a 40-minute session).

No need for food restriction, it has been proven that regular practice is enough to lose weight.

Three sessions per week will make you lose approximately 500 grams in a month.

This sport also makes it possible to strengthen the heart and to gain endurance thanks to better cardiovascular and respiratory capacities.

On the other hand, if you have heart problems, we do not recommend spinning.

It is an activity that solicits the lower limbs while avoiding the excessive use of the joints, favoring the consolidation of the lower body. It is also possible to pedal backwards to work certain muscles.

Since the spinning sessions are musical, the upbeat tempos will motivate you and help you stay steady and energized.

You can practice aerobic exercises and have fun at the same time!

For toned legs, a firm buttocks, a flat stomach and a straight back, practice regardless of your age and don’t hesitate to ask an Alphabody coach for advice!

Spinning sessions

In general, spinning sessions last at least 30 minutes and consist of three stages: warm-up, training and cool-down.

We advise you to space out your sessions by a day so that your muscles can rest, or even two if you are a novice. We’re not going to lie to each other, spinning is sport and it makes you sweat!

So listen to your body and start slowly so you don’t hurt yourself. Whether you are in a group indoors or alone at home, you must take a minimum of precautions before getting on your spin-bike.

Set your device according to your morphology, because incorrect settings can cause pain and hinder a good workout.

warming up

Above all, don’t neglect the warm-up even when solo! It gently raises your heart rate and opens the capillaries that feed your muscles.

Put the resistance of your body bike to the lowest and pedal without forcing for ten minutes.

It will put you in the best conditions for success and you will avoid hurting yourself.


All in music, the training lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. The rotations per minute are increased according to the tempo and an educator who can also do intervals depending on the purpose of the session.

The coach can make you chain races against the clock, sprints, climbs, etc.

Individually, it’s up to you to make your program, but if you don’t know anything about it and want personalized support, call on one of our great coaches!

For this, many videos are available on the internet, but you can also create your own playlist with melodies and cadences that you like and that make you want to move!

The return to calm

To find a normal heart rate without stopping suddenly, the return to calm is done between 5 and 10 minutes on slower tempos by gradually reducing the resistance.

Do a few stretches after the session to maintain some flexibility and relax your muscles and tendons.

Types of exercises for weight loss

There are different types of spinning exercises for weight loss, each adapting to a goal: fitness, cladding, endurance, etc.

But before you start, we must first explain to you what split training is. Ideal for melting fat, it is one of the most popular cardio exercises for weight loss.

This method consists of varying the pace of the race as well as the resistance of your crankset.

The “classic” consists of 8 to 10 phases of 30 seconds of intensive running alternated by 8 to 10 times 30 seconds of recovery.

There are many variations and this process can also be put into practice in many other sports.

Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of a coach on Alphabody for an adjusted follow-up, because this is only a small overview of the exercises you can do and they are by no means suitable for everyone.

Exercise 1: to improve your endurance

The secret of this method is to maintain regular pedaling despite the difficulty.

After a 10-minute warm-up, you must keep a steady pace for about twenty minutes or more if you are seasoned.

No need to put too much resistance on you, because the goal is to be tough and not to force the muscles. Remember to breathe well, we forget it too often!

Slow down and cool down for about ten minutes before doing your stretches.

Exercise 2: for better muscle tone

It’s a great way to improve your lower body strength.

Warm up nicely and smoothly and alternate a cadence of around 110 RPM (rolls per minute) and 70 RPM 6 to 8 times trying to use only your lower body.

Adapt the duration of your session to your level, 30 minutes is more than enough for a novice.

Then, finish with 10 minutes of calm.

Exercise 3: to strengthen the lower body, abs included

If you want to work your abs, put your hands on the handlebars of your bike without holding it.

So you will not pull on it and you will be able to work your lower body better, especially the chocolate bars.

Once your warm-up is done, you will increase your resistance little by little, at least three times for 25 minutes. The goal is to try to keep the same cadence, between 70 and 80 RPM, all the way.

Exercise 4: to increase your MAP

Certainly the most difficult, this exercise aims to increase its PMA, Maximum Aerobic Power in order to improve its VMA, Maximum Aerobic Speed.

In French, it simply means that it allows you to go faster for longer by making short but intense efforts regularly.

Be careful not to overdo it or you risk hurting yourself. If this is your first time spinning or just starting out, we recommend exercise 1 instead.

You will thank us later!

First of all, make sure to warm up your muscles well for about ten minutes to avoid nasty aches.

You will then split between 6 to 12 blocks of 30 seconds in uphill dancer and 30 seconds seated in quiet pedaling.

You can totally adapt this exercise to your level by lengthening the duration of the blocks as you go.

If you are already comfortable, you can do a minute as a dancer and 30 quiet split seconds for a good twenty minutes.

We don’t forget to stretch properly after each session because it’s important and moreover, it feels good!

Alphabody spinning coaching

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