Everything you need to know before starting this strength training program:

The concept of strength in bodybuilding is sometimes misunderstood because it is specific to each person and is not not necessarily a sign of muscle mass.

Some practitioners have strong athletic strength without having the muscular volume relative to this force. It’s the nervous system related to muscles (neuromuscular system) which determines the strength.

In contrast, increased strength promotes muscle growth. A stronger muscle is a muscle that has adapted to an effort more intense. This adaptation is done by increasing the volume and the number of fibers contained in the muscles.

Knowing that strength is a determining factor in muscle gain, it is important to know the techniques to increase your strength. Sometimes classic methods of muscle building are not enough and you have to apply specific techniques from a pure strength program to take a new step.

Exercises that build strength

To gain strength, you must favor polyarticular exercises. That is to say, those that engage several joints and create a synergy between several muscles. These are, for example, the following exercises:

  • squats
  • Deadlift
  • Bench
  • Back pull
  • Military press
  • Dips

How to work to gain strength?

Before embarking on a muscle strength program, you must know your 1RM. That is to say the maximum load you can liftpull, push on a single repetition.

Calculate your 1RM

To set its 1RM : 2 effective methods

  1. Gradually increase the load over sets of 5 repetitions interspersed with 2 to 3 minute rest periods to reach the load with which you can only do one repetition.
  2. Choose the load with which you are able to do a set of 10 repetitions, no more, no less. Multiply this charge by 1.3 to get your 1RM.

Ex: 50 kg X 1.3 = 65 kg.

Method to gain strength:

Once the 1RM is known, it is perform 5 sets of 5 repetitions at 85% or 90% of the 1RM with 2 to 3 minutes of rest between sets.

Example: RM in Squat = 100 kg => do 5 repetitions at 85 kg / 90 kg then take 2 to 3 minutes of rest and redo a series of 5 repetitions, 5 times successively.

How to combine muscle groups?

Day 1 Day 2
squats Back pull
Deadlift Military press
Bench Dips

During a session dedicated to gaining strength, it is it is important to warm up properly by raising the body’s temperature using a cardiovascular activity and of complete the warm-up by the coming movement on two to three long and light series.

Before considering strength-specific sessions, it is necessary to ensure that the movements are perfectly executed and that the technique is good. It is always better to perform this type of session with a partner which assists you and secures the exercise in the event of failure.

During the “strength gain” period, which can last from 4 to 6 weeks, you must respect 48 hours of rest between each session. The intensity of the training being extremely high, it is necessary give your muscles more rest for recovery to be complete.

In order not to exhaust the organism, which would be counter-productive, workouts cannot exceed 45 to 50 minutes.

Strength and hypertrophy program

Day 1

muscles Exercises Number of series
Quadriceps squats 5 x 5 from 85 to 90% of 1-RM
Deadlift 5 x 5 from 85 to 90% of 1-RM
Pectorals Bench 5 x 5 from 85 to 90% of 1-RM

Day 2

muscles Exercises Number of series
Backbones Tight Grip Vertical Pull 5 x 5 from 85 to 90% of 1-RM
Shoulders Smith machine military press 5 x 5 from 85 to 90% of 1-RM
Triceps Weighted Dips 5 x 5 from 85 to 90% of 1-RM

What food for strength?

During the period of gaining strength, one must ensure the right fuel for good energy. A 20% increase in calories, mainly from carbohydrates, guarantees good energy reserves. The act of consuming between 1.5 g and 2 g of protein per kilo of body weightallows the muscles to recover well and be ready for a new session.

Which dietary supplements for strength and volume?


This Gainer guarantees the right carbohydrate intake for good energy and high quality protein to ensure perfect recovery.


During a program dedicated to strength, creatine plays a major role. It participates in the energy chain which guarantees strength and explosiveness and good recovery.


In order to ensure neuromuscular dynamism, the pre-workout is your best ally. Its energizing ingredients increase muscle power and endurance.

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