The training program flat stomach woman perfectly combines targeted strengthening and cardio to help you achieve optimal results, and effective fat loss in the abdominal area.


  1. 1. Principles of training to lose belly fat
  1. 2. Flat stomach slimming program for women
  1. 3. What diet to slim the belly?

Principles of training to lose belly fat

If you have some localized fat in the belly, this flat stomach slimming program is specially designed for you. With this targeted training, you will be able to increase your metabolism, the main responsible for the accumulation of abdominal fat, and find a flatter stomach. Belly too round, bulge above the jeans, waist too thick… How to train well to eliminate the fatty mass located on the belly?

What to remember from the flat stomach program:

  • Training ratio: 70% cardio / 30% bodybuilding
  • Exercises: 100% insulation
  • Charges: only at body weight
  • Sessions: 4 sessions per week
  • Training duration: maximum 50 mins

What bodybuilding exercises for a flat stomach?

the flat stomach exercise program of fitadium is based on a mix of cardio training and strength training. The majority of your training should be cardiovascular to destock fat as a priority. Combined with targeted exercises, the workout is ideal for redefine the abdominal strap and waist.

Warming up

Before each session, it is important to take a few minutes to warm up muscles and joints. As part of this program, you will focus on:

  • 5 min of cardio (treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc.)

Cardio workout

If you have belly fat, it could be hormonal storage, but that’s not all. The cardio training sessions will have to make up the bulk of your training to draw as much as possible from your reserves and destock effectively. You will have the choice for your free cardio sessions, depending on your preferences, to opt for running or the elliptical trainer. The advantage is that these devices usually have technology to measure heart rate and control your maximum heart rate. By having control of your FCM, you will be able to maximize fat burning.

Bodyweight isolation exercises

For your bodybuilding and muscle building sessions, you will favor the isolation exercises, specially targeted to refine the abdominal area. You will work on body weight because if you add additional loads, you risk thickening the abs and the waist, which is not the goal if you want a flat stomach.

What training intensity?

Your training, whether cardio or muscular, should be based on moderate intensity. There is a heavy localized workload on the abs and waist, where you will be required to regularly hit the maximum number of reps. That is, you will have to repeat the movement until you can’t take it anymore. Over 4 series, your number of max reps will not necessarily be the same on the first and on the last series because you will have already solicited the muscle. In addition, for cardio exercises, you will have to be careful to maintain a certain percentage of your maximum heart rate to burn fat as much as possible. For maximum combustion, we generally speak of maintaining an intensity between 60 and 65% of the CMF.

What frequency?

To lose belly, you will have to base yourself on 4 workouts per week. Thus, you will maintain a sufficient training volume in the week, to burn fat, but you will not over-stress the abdominal strap. So there’s no need to work on your abs and your waist every day. These muscles have need to recover between two sessions, and over-training this area could cause the opposite effect: water retention. So remember to keep 1 day off during the week, and 48 hours on weekends.

To know the ideal heart rate to carry out your cardio session. Take the FCM and multiply by 60% * to 70% * = heart rate of the zone where the body consumes the best ratio of fatty acids (fat)

  • 60% for beginners
  • 70% for confirmed

Women’s formula: 226 – age X 60% or 70% = cardio sweet spot to burn fat

40-year-old beginner woman: 226 – 40 = 186 X 60% = 112 beats / minute
Confirmed 30-year-old woman: 226 – 30 = 196 X 70% = 137 beats / minute

How long?

Your ideal sessions will not exceed 50 minutes. For a cardio workout to be effective, 40 to 50 minutes is more than enough. In the context of sessions that combine both weight training and cardio, you should not exceed this period of time either. Beyond that, your sessions risk being counterproductive since you will stress your body. It will then produce cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for fat storage.

Women’s flat stomach slimming program

Summary of your flat stomach bodybuilding program:

  • Objective: lose belly, refine the size
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Supplements: flat stomach slimming program

Session 1: Cardio

Exercises Number of series
Variable intensity cardio Practice 15 min of moderate cardio at 60% of FCM (Maximum heart rate), 15 min of high cardio at 75% of FCM, 15 min of moderate cardio at 65% of FCM.

Session 2: Abs / Waist + Cardio

Session 3: Abs / Waist + Cardio

Session 4: Cardio

Exercises Number of series
Moderate intensity cardio Practice 40 to 50 min of moderate cardio at 60% of FCM (maximum heart rate)

Rest day 3 + 48h on weekends.

What diet to slim down the belly?

How to choose the right foods to lose belly fat? To slim down the belly, there are obviously foods to avoid and others that should be favored to increase fat burning. Other foods promote transit. Their consumption prevents bloating and helps to find a flatter stomach.

Diet principles to lose belly fat

Do you store at the abdominal level? Your diet is necessarily in question, and even if it is easy to know which foods to avoid, it is not always easy to apply these rules on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the foods you prefer. . As when you go on a diet, you will need to adopt a diet that promotes the destocking of fat and increases your metabolism. Our coaches have also designed a effective diet plan to lose belly fatand which will be of great help to you in parallel with an adapted training plan.

Which supplements to eliminate abdominal fat?

In addition to losing weightto help you effectively reduce your waistline, you can in addition to sport and a suitable diet, use food supplements. Real results accelerators, they allow you to destock more quickly and increase the burning of fat. With the aid of thermogenic fat burner very powerful (Redburn Ladies) associated with a formula of carnitine (Carni Max), you target localized fat in the waist to deflate quickly, and feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Once the abdominal fat has been eliminated, you can continue your momentum by choosing the following programs:

  • Thighs – buttocks slimming programme: to also target stubborn fat stored in these areas, responsible for cellulite and saddlebags.
  • Reshaping fitness program: to sculpt your body after weight loss by shaping as much as possible and toning up thanks to the combination of muscle strengthening and cardio.

Need support to progress and turn a corner? Do you want a tailor-made program corresponding to your objectives? Fitadium coaches accompany you with a personalized follow-up your training, diet or both.

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