You wish start a dry woman ? You are on the right page ! Our dry program lasts one month to allow you to optimize the loss of fat mass and find a sharper silhouette. These advanced training tips and techniques will allow you toeliminate unnecessary fat in addition to a diet program for dryness.


  1. 1. Principles of training for lean muscles
  1. 2. Fitadium Women’s Dry Program
  1. 3. What supplements for dry muscle women

Principles of training for muscle dryness

The women’s dry bodybuilding program aims to reduce fat mass as much as possible without causing muscle wasting thanks to targeted training, reserved for a confirmed level.

What to remember from your women’s dry bodybuilding program:

  • a ratio of60% weight training / 40% cardio
  • 60% basic exercises / 40% insulation
  • a frequency of 5 workouts per week including one dedicated to cardio
  • a duration of1h to 1h10

What bodybuilding exercises for dry?

To promote muscle dryness, you will need to adapt your training. To achieve your goal, you must combine both strength training exercises and cardio practice, based on 60% weight training / 40% cardio. By adopting this training base, you will reduce the fat mass without causing muscle wasting to obtain a drawn and shapely physique.

How to integrate cardio into your program?

Day of the week Muscles worked
Day 1 Chest / Shoulders / Cardio
Day 2 Lats / Abs / Cardio
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Quadriceps/ Add. Abs / Ischios / Calves / Cardio
Day 5 Biceps-Triceps / Abs / Cardio
Day 6 Fasting Cardio
Day 7 Rest

Warming up

To avoid the risk of injury, you will obviously have to start your session with a proper warm-upweight training days and cardio days.

What warm-up should you adopt for a bodybuilding day? If you have planned your session, you can choose to have a general warm-up or a specific warm-up. The first consists of a whole body warm upwith a bit of walking, treadmills, cycling.

To warm up more specifically, you can choose to do 2 or 3 sets with lighter weights on the first exercise before you actually start your workout routine.

Before the cardio, it’s the same, you will have to start by warming up the joints, the muscles and raising the heart rate to prepare the body for the oxygen consumption that the effort will require. A bit of brisk walking or jogging at a moderate pace will do just fine.

Bodybuilding: basic exercises VS Isolation

As part of your goal, the women’s dry program recommends, for bodybuilding sessions, training with 60% core exercises and 40% isolation exercises. The basic exercises aim to working multiple major muscle groups and joints (we also speak of polyarticular exercises) such as the squat. They cause a hormonal response that promotes fat loss and cellulite loss. Isolation exercises, as their name suggests, allow you to work on a particular muscle, in order to harmoniously develop the curve and define each muscle.

Cardio exercises

If you want to burn fat effectively, adding a bit of cardio to your workouts is very beneficial. Indeed, the cardio training exercises allow to dip into reserves to mobilize energy. To destock, the bike, the elliptical, the rower, the treadmill or the jump rope will be your allies. You can then perform long sessions at moderate intensity or shorter ones at higher intensity. Obviously, these sessions should be placed at the end of a bodybuilding session or reserved for dedicated sessions, so as not to cause muscle wasting.

What intensity of bodybuilding training?

With the aim of cutting for women, bodybuilding training should be carried out with moderate loadssticking to a high number of reps to maximize fat loss.

Loads in bodybuilding

As part of a women’s dryer, the objective is not to develop volume but to draw and shape, we offer in this women’s program many exercises with body weight, or with moderate loads. This work will allow you to bring much more intensity, especially with an increased number of repetitions.

Number of reps and sets

In this women’s dry bodybuilding program, the goal is to increase the fat burning and metabolism. You will therefore have to rely on rather long series, between 12 and 20 repetitions depending on the exercises, even going as far as failure on certain series, ie doing the maximum number of repetitions until you no longer succeed.

Certain techniques such as the degressive or the superset also make it possible to intensify the work on certain muscles. You can therefore look for failure on a certain type of exercise and slightly reduce the load to resume a new set of failures on a sliding scale, or chain 2 exercises that use the same muscle without rest time for the superset technique. To know increase the intensity of the sessions is an asset to achieve its objective.


As for the rest times between each series, it should not be too long. On bodybuilding exercises, you will respect between 60 seconds and 90 seconds of recovery depending on the exercises. This time will be reduced to 30 seconds for abs work.

Cardio Workout Intensity for Lean

To strength training should be added a few cardio training sessions which make it possible to optimize the cut by maintaining a heart rate adapted to burn a maximum.

What unit of measurement for cardio

When you start a program, it’s not always easy to find your way around to find out how optimize your training.

So how do you understand the principle of beats/minutes? How to measure your FCM? How to monitor your cardio at the gym? To calculate your pulse/minute it’s quite simple.

For a full minute, you count the number of pulses by placing two fingers on your wrist or on your neck. Then to know the maximum heart rate, simply deduct your age from 226. You thus obtain the theoretical FCM!

This technique is quite simplistic, but it has the merit of being calculated anywhere. To monitor this data during your outdoor cardio or HIIT exercises, you can opt for a heart rate monitor belt. For machine training, they are usually equipped with handles to control the heart rate and therefore adapt the pace. You can find other more elaborate calculation methods in our article on maximum heart rate.

Intensity of your cardio training to cut

To optimize fat loss as much as possible, another calculation is important to know. Throughout your training, you should try to maintain a pace between 60% and 75% of your FCM, the ideal being to remain at 65% of the FCM for the lipolysis threshold. To calculate it is very simple. Example if you are 30 years old, it is calculated as follows: (226-30) x 0.65 = 127. By keeping a constant frequency around this calculation, you are the most likely to burn fat !

What training frequency?

As part of this dry program for women, it is recommended to train 5 days a week, and to keep 2 days of complete rest. Over the 5 days of training, you will have 4 weight training sessions and 1 pure cardio session.

What is the training duration?

To avoid muscle wasting, it is recommended to do not exceed 1h to 1h10 of training, at the risk of making it counterproductive. Indeed, during your sports activity, if it is too long, you risk stressing the muscles and increasing the release of cortisol, a hormone responsible for the storage of adipose tissue and water retention! If you want losing weightso avoid extended sessions and focus on the quality of training.

Fitadium Female Dryer Program

Summary of your program:

  • Objective: Lean and shapely woman’s muscles
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Supplements: Women’s extreme slimming program

Day 1: Pectorals / Shoulders / Cardio

Day 2: Lats / Abs / Cardio

Day 3: rest

Day 4: Quadriceps / Ischios / Adductors-Abductors / Calves / Cardio

Day 5: Biceps-Triceps / Abs / cardio

Day 6: Cardio on an empty stomach

muscles Exercises Time
cardio Bike or Elliptical 45 minutes

Day 7: Rest

What supplements for dry muscle women?

To dry and define the muscle, certain nutrients will obviously have to be integrated. Proteins, fibers, good lipids and preferably low GI carbohydrates are therefore to be integrated into your menus for the dry. For more results, follow in parallel with this workout our dry food program for women. Dietary supplements will also reinforce the effects of training and diet to accelerate results and fat loss.

Fat burners to destock

The fat burner are particularly well-dosed formulas to increase metabolism and thermogenesis. The active ingredients therefore help to promote destocking to help with fat loss. The Redburn Ladies supplement was specifically designed for women who want to dry and shape their figure. Other supplements like carnitine help increase energy levels during exercise by increasing fat burning.

Drainers against water retention

The drainers or natural diuretics, mainly based on plant extracts are also good supplements in the context of a dry. They reduce the storage of body fluids, drain the body, eliminate toxins. They are particularly recommended if you are prone to water retention.

Also discover our other women’s training programs for fat loss, shape and muscle definition.

  • the Extreme Slimming Program was designed to help you adopt the right training habits to lose fat and lose weight, without muscle wasting.
  • the Thighs-Buttocks Slimming Program allows you to further target stubborn areas such as the hips, thighs and buttocks thanks to specific training.
  • the Flat Belly Slimming Program will give you the procedure to follow to eliminate abdominal fat and find a firm and toned stomach.

If you want tailor-made support, consider asking our coaches for advice on training monitoring, a personalized meal plan or both.

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