You are a woman and you have just taken up bodybuilding. At the same time, do you have a lot of questions about this sport? A female bodybuilding program is it suitable for your goal, should you prefer cardio? Should I follow an indoor fitness program or a simple program at home? The word bodybuilding sometimes frightens women, wrongly, because they are afraid of gaining big muscles instead of being refined.


  • 1. What goal for your training?
    1. 2. Which training exercises to achieve your goals?
    1. 3. What training frequency?
    1. 4. What duration of training?

    What goal for your training?

    All women want to lose weight even those who do not necessarily need it because they are not satisfied with their figure. Before starting bodybuilding and chaining series and repetitions, it is important to clearly identify your needs. For what purpose do you want to do it? For lose a few extra poundstone you up, for slim your waist or thighs, gain some volume? In any case, there is a female bodybuilding program made for you.

    Lose weight and build muscle

    If your priority is losing weight, you will have to do mostly cardio in your programs, accompanied by weight training sessions. Bodybuilding goes firm and strengthen muscles while cardio will aim to eliminate excess water and pounds.

    Loss of localized fat mass: thighs – buttocks, flat stomach

    Same thing if you want destock and deflate in specific areas : thighs, buttocks, belly or hips saddlebags, a mix of cardio and strength training will give you the best results. Strength Training Targets Hormonal Fat (estrogens) responsible for storing fat in certain stubborn areas (legs, buttocks), while cardio eliminates general plumpness.

    Develop muscle and shape

    For women who lack muscle tone, the goal will be to firm and maintain the silhouette. To tone up, gain in shape and shape, in the legs and buttocks, it will be necessary to mix bodybuilding and cardio-dominant fitness classes and choose a women’s fitness program.

    Gain weight / muscle mass

    Some women, on the contrary, find themselves too flat and not muscular enough. They are believed to be lucky because they are not trying to lose weight but they have just as much trouble gaining it! This program of pure female bodybuilding indoors is designed to develop the curve of large muscle groups (buttocks, thighs, back, arms, etc.), which will thus appear more voluminous while remaining harmonious.

    What training exercises to achieve your goals?

    Depending on your goal, the type of session will not be the same and will vary certain factors. You will have predominantly cardio or weight training sessions, sheathing, a majority of basic or isolation exercises and a more or less moderate intensity. Most of the time you will have to follow one of the women’s gym programs offered.

    Cardio/strength ratio.

    To promote a general weight loss and quite important, it is advisable to mix cardio and strength training on a 70/30 ratio. To target weight loss, even if cardio allows you to destock in a more global way, bodybuilding is equally involved with cardio 50/50 with bodyweight exercises selected to refine certain areas. When you just want to firm up and maintain your shape, the 60/40 ratio of the female fitness program, between bodybuilding and cardio-dominant fitness classes is recommended. When, on the contrary, the objective is to gain weight (without fat!), it is better to devote 100% to bodybuilding. In this specific case only, we use heavy weights on basic exercises, without forgetting some isolation and sheathing exercises for more visible muscles.

    Types of exercises: isolation VS basic

    In most female bodybuilding programs, basic exercises are preferred because they activate the metabolism but do not exclude some isolation exercises to draw the silhouette. It also works when trying to lose lower body, because the muscles of the buttocks and thighs mobilize a lot of energy. On the contrary, when we seeks to refine the waist or bellywe forget the basic exercises, because it is the combination of cardio and isolation exercises targeted which will be the most effective.

    Training intensity

    In any women’s bodybuilding program, except cardio, a training to lose weight should favor moderate loads or body weight and medium intensity. Indeed, the training frequency being high (4 to 5 times per week), it is not possible to overload the muscles which must be able to recover, all the more so when certain parts of the body are targeted. It is a question of respecting the number of repetitions and sets recommended. The use of intensification techniques (superset, degressive…) will increase the volume of work without adding too much stress on the muscles. It is only in the case of a weight gain objective that we will use both heavy loads associated with intensity techniques.

    What training frequency?

    To get results, a women’s fitness program includes 4 training sessions minimum per week. This rhythm is ideal for inserting two cardio sessions between the two weight training sessions. Depending on the objective, the number of bodybuilding sessions can go up to 3 per week. It is always possible on the condition of do not perform cardio training and strength training on the same day. You will succeed if you respect our recommendations in terms of loads, exercise distribution and session duration. Remember that the muscles you are working on must have fully recovered between each session.

    How long for a workout?

    Depending on the objective, the duration of the session will be between 50 minutes and 1h15 maximum. On average a training session lasts 1 hour, especially if you are aiming for weight gain and muscular curves. As part of a fitness and maintenance program, the duration can be up to 1h30 and will not cause overtraining insofar as it is mainly cardio-dominant fitness classes. If, on the contrary, we target an area, the stomach for example, a 50-minute session is enough given the strong continuous mobilization of the abdominals. For a more global weight loss or the refinement of the thighs and buttocks, a session between 1h10 and 1h15, warm-up included, is ideal.

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